What our past clients have to say about us...

"Thanks again- for all of the time you put into gathering those documents for court on such short notice.  It made a huge difference in the final outcome in court.  -Judy E."

"Best attorney possible.  I was divorced for four years before I went to see Jamie.  I was scaredof going back to court because of the circumstances in my case and issues with my finances.  Jamie has been a Rockstar through this whole situation.  She didn't back down to the other attorneyn she gave him a run for his money and stood her ground in what I was going for.  I'm so glad I decided to change lawyers and so grateful for Jamie and all she has done and dealt with on my behalf.

Thank you Jamie for everything and going above and beyond where most attorneys wouldn't have, in past experiences  -Nikki F."

"The Women's Divorce & Legal Clinic and Attorney Jaime Young handled my divorce.  I arrived with serious concerns about my future since this was my first divorce.  My ex-husband was trying to stack the deck in his favor, and would not agree to any fair settlement.  The attorneys and the administrative staff at The Women's Divorce & Legal Clinic  were nurturing and emotionally supportive from the start until the conclusion.  They established a rapport with me that was both personal and professional.  I had few financial resources, but they pointed me in the correct direction, helping me make the right decisions about how to proceed with the money I had.  They were caring, reassuring, and kept my budget in mind.  As a result of my husband being so uncompromising, I was forced to go to trial.  The Women's Divorce & Legal Clinic prepared for trial in a very organized manner.  They were creative and did not back down.  When I came in to their office, my life was shattered, and they helped me put it back together.  As a result of their hard work and professionalism, I received a judgment I was very happy with.  I highly recommend this law firm and would use them again.  -Sheri W."

"Professional and understanding.  Attorney Jaime Young represented my wife during our divorce.  Both my wife and I were very anxious and confused about the entire procedure.  We were very emotional during this difficult time and it was important for both of us to make sure that we were dividing our assets equally and fairly.

Attorney Young was considerate, thoughtful and empathic to our struggles and acted as a friend, a guide and an advisor to both my wife and I.  She was extremely knowledgeable and well prepared before and during the proceedings.  Even our judge complimented Jaime on her process and her performance in the courtroom.

A divorce is one of the most difficult things anyone will ever go thru.  And my experience with attorneys have usually been an unpleasant one.  It's not something that someone needs to deal with while undergoing such a stressful perior in their life.  But Jaime was a refreshing alternative and made all the difference in making our experience as painless as it could possibly be.

I have the highest respect for Attorney Jaime Young and I would recommend her for any legal help she could provide.  She is quick to respond, very knowledgeable and very sensitive.  You won't be disappointed!  -Carl H."


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