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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

What is a no fault divorce and who can start it?
A no fault divorce is started by one of the parties because that person no longer wishes to be married. To qualify, a party must be a resident. That means they must live in the state at least 6 months and county for 30 days before commencing the action to start a divorce or legal separation action.
How long does a divorce usually take?
Generally about 5 months.
What if I need finacial assistance (child support/maintenance) right away?
You can have a hearing before the Family Court Commissioner within approximately four weeks.

What issues are decided in a divorce or legal separation?
Custody, placement, child support, alimony, health insurance, life insurance, tax exemptions, and property division.

What is custody and placement?
Custody involves health, education and welfare issues and placement involves where the children reside.

Paternity Actions
Paternity establishes that a man is the father of a child. Paternity is important to determine parental rights and responsibilities. Our attorneys can help you start an action to establish paternity and protect your child's legal rights.

Child Custody
Legal custody refers to the rights of a person to make major decisions concerning a child. These decisions include: education, medical treatment, religion, consent to marry, enter the military, get a driver's license, choose a school, and give authorization for non-emergency healthcare, among other things. There is a presumption that joint legal custody is in the best interest of the child. Custody disputes can be very contentious and painful. We are there for you when you need someone to look out for your interests.

In cases when both parents want to have primary placement of the children, the steps that take place involve mediation and can end with the appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem (attorney that represents the children).

Child Support
Child support is determined by income and time spent with a parent. Our attorneys will work to ensure that your child recieves support they are entitled to.

Family Law Practice Areas

• Divorce

• Collaborative divorce

• Cohabitation Agreements

• Legal separation

• Mediation/Arbitration

• Paternity

• Post judgment modification of orders/judgment

• Appeals

• Child custody and visitation

• Child support

• Spousal support (alimony/maintenance)

• Property division

• Protection of gifted and inherited property

• Prenuptial and post nuptial agreements

• Domestic violence and harassment, injunctions

• Adoption, including step parent adoption

• Grandparent's rights, 3rd person rights


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